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This is a small taste of our options data. We have created an ftp site which contains a micro subset of our options historical data. It is formatted exactly the same way it would be if you purchased our large packages which include all symbols. The sample begins January 2003 and extends through the most recent month. Each month contains ONE symbol, and each month the symbol changes. So the files are about 1/700th of the full dataset. The purpose of the free data is for you to better familiarize yourself with the data. You can even use it to try a short backtest such as starting a trade at the beginning of the month and seeing how the trade would have performed throughout the month. Because at the end of the month, the symbol will change. So if you are backtesting in December 2008, you are going to see the index DIA, but in January 2009, the symbol is RUT. And February 2019 is TGT. For this free sample data, it changes monthly. How do I get it? The easiest way for you to see exactly we are offering is to try it out. Just like you can get free space for a small website, or even a small server from AWS, we are offering the same thing. The data is from our actual historical option dataset, but in micro size. Please fill out this form. Enter your name and email address to receive download instructions via email. FREE DATA
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