Title: PRO-HDFIVE – Five Years Option History

PRO-HDFIVE – Five Years Option History – Most Recent 60 Months

Title: PRO-HDFIVE – Five Years Option History

The professional level of our options historical data covering June 2017 – June 2022.

For Professionals

This is for professionals. A professional is a person or entity that is using the data on behalf of others. This is not limited to, but includes brokers, investment managers or hedge funds.

Sharing the Data

With a professional license, you will be authorized to share this data with up to 5 people on your staff or clients staff.

Any Version – Any Format

You will be able to choose any version level of our options data products including Level 3, Level 2 or bare bones. And you can choose between Microsoft SQL or CSV distributions.

Level 3 data is our best level data.

Level 1 data is raw data without greek calculations
Level 2 data is the original DeltaNeutral data format which is the most popular product we have
Level 3 data is a new level of data which adds more columns and the greek calculations take dividends into account. It is our best data ever.

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